The historian’s choice

Events which shaped the world as we know it:


1. c.3500 BC Invention of the wheel and plough in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq); invention of the sail in Egypt: three fundamental inventions for trade, agriculture and exploration.

2. c.3200 BC Invention of writing in Mesopotamia: the means to record and understand human history.
3. c.3000 BC Founding of the first cities in Sumeria (present-day Iraq): origin of modern social and administrative structures.
4. c.1600 BC Modern alphabet invented: the essential means of communication of complex concepts and culture.
5. c.1600 BC Beginning of Greek civilisation: essential to Western heritage and the root of mathematics, philosophy, political thinking and medicine.
6. 753 BC Foundation of Rome: the Roman Empire is a pillar of the modern age, producing ideas on justice, law, engineering and warfare.

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