Jordan Peterson’s “12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos” – excrept no. 2


12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (Jordan B. Peterson)

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If the internal voice makes you doubt the value of your endeavours—or your life, or life itself—perhaps you should stop listening. If the critical voice within says the same denigrating things about everyone, no matter how successful, how reliable can it be? Maybe its comments are chatter, not wisdom. There will always be people better than you—that’s a cliché of nihilism, like the phrase, In a million years, who’s going to know the difference? The proper response to that statement is not, Well, then, everything is meaningless. It’s, Any idiot can choose a frame of time within which nothing matters. Talking yourself into irrelevance is not a profound critique of Being. It’s a cheap trick of the rational mind.

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Jordan Peterson’s “12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos” – excrept no. 1

Firs off, here is the summary:

1. Stand up straight with your shoulders straight

2. Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

3. Befriend people who want the best for you

4. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not the useless person you are today

5. Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them

6. Set your house in order before you criticise the world

7. Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient

8. Tell the truth. Or at least don’t lie

9. Assume the person you are listening to knows something you don’t

10. Be precise in your speech

11. Do not bother children while they are skateboarding

12. Pet a cat when you encounter one in the street

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Stanley Kubrick’s photos from 1945-1950

Between 1945 and 1950, Stanley Kubrick worked as a staff photographer for LOOK magazine. He was not yet Kubrick, the famous film director; he was just Stanley, the kid from the Bronx with an uncanny photographic sensibility. Only 17 years old when he joined the magazine’s ranks, he was by far its youngest photographer. Kubrick often turned his camera on his native city, drawing inspiration from the variety of personalities that populated its spaces. Photographs of nightclubs, street scenes, and sporting events were amongst his first published images, and in these assignments, Kubrick captured the pathos of ordinary life in a way that belied his young age. The Museum’s collection contains 129 of Kubrick’s assignments for the magazine, encompassing more than 15,000 individual images, the vast majority of them never published.


Kako detektirati negativne energije kod kuće koristeći čašu s vodom

Prenosim ovaj dragocen tekst sa jednog drugog portala.
Ljudi od pamtivijeka koriste mnoge metode pomoću kojih otkrivaju imaju li u kući negativne energije.

Danas ćemo vam pokazati najjednostavniji način za otkrivanje takvih energija, a ujedno će ih, ako ih ima, i očistiti, kako bi se u vašoj obitelji obnovila harmonija.

Gdje god živjeli, mi ugošćujemo određene tipove energija u svojoj bližoj okolici. Naši domovi su združeno mjesto u kojima se energije susreću. To mogu biti naši osjećaji, misli i emocije – svi oni odašilju specifičan tip energije, ali i privlače neke druge! Primjerice, neki članovi obitelji, susjedi ili posjetitelji mogu u naše domove unijeti negativne
energije izvana, koji kasnije utječu na raspoloženje svih ukućana i njihovo sveopće dobro.


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Šta nam želja za određenom hranom ukazuje

Dobar podsetnik…

Slatkiši – Ukazuju na oscilacije šećera u krvi. Ako je ovo hronična pojava možda patite od hipoglikemije ili niskog šećera u krvi. Želju za slatkim utalice voćem. U međuvremenu unosite viša vlakna (mahunarke) i složene ugljene hidrate (integralne žitarice).

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