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Is there any last message you want to leave with the readers?

Someone I was working with in town, we stayed late to have a drink and talk. I was showing my fiance a picture of a 65 mustang with the front clip of a 04 mustang put on it because we’re both car enthusiasts. I work on cars, I come from a family of mechanics. And the owner comes over and starts joking about me not knowing anything about cars. Soon enough, he was heated and angry that at the notion that I knew more about cars than him…because I’m a woman. Those were his words. “There is no way, because you’re a woman.” I looked at him, I asked “What’s lift and duration?” and of course he goes…uh…I knew a few years aog I can’t rememer. I ask, “What’s compression? 11 to 1? What does that mean?” And he didn’t know. So, my take on feminists is that I am feminine. I am a woman. I like being soft. I like have curves, wearing high heels, and lipstick. I deserve the same respect if I can do something as well as a man or better. That’s from both men and women. Because there were woman looking at me with disgust for working in logging and a typically masculine job. I’m still a woman, but don’t say I can’t do the same things you do.

Is there any last message you’d like to leave with the audience?

Be kind to others but most of all yourself. In her TED Talk, I think Brene Brown says something like, “You are worthy of love and belonging. No matter what.” That. Just, that.

Is there any message you want to send to the readers?
Treat yourselves well and listen carefully to others.

Any last message you want to leave with the readers?
Search for your own way to control the conversation about your body. People don’t get to control it, you do.

Any last message for your readers?

Especially for people who are younger, the things about yourself that you think are so bad, or that you don’t like, you’re going to look back and think, “Why was I worried about that?Why did I waste time in my head worrying that?” I think that a lot of women take themselves apart in ways they would never to do other people.

Is there are message you want to leave with those reading?

Get out of your comfort zone.


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