Jim Rohn’s 5 Abilities

1) The ability to ABSORB

Don’t just get through the day. Get FROM the day.
Be detail-oriented. Don’t be casual in getting everything.
Casualness leads to casualties.
Wherever you are, be there!
Be a sponge. Pay attention to details. “Wherever you are, be there.” Take pictures with your mind. “Casualness leads to casualties.”

2) The ability to RESPOND

Let life touch you.
Let sad things make you sad. Let happy things make you happy.
Give in to the emotions of life.
Our emotions need to be educated, as well as our intellect.
Develop feeling and empathy.
Let life touch you. Feel emotions.

3) The ability to REFLECT

Take time to reflect to make the past more valuable to serve you in the future.

– a few minutes a day
– a few hours each week
– a weekend each year

Gather up the past and invest it in the future.
Gather up today and invest it in tomorrow.
Gather up this year and invest it in next year.
… to make a better contribution to everything and everyone.
Study it again. Review your day at day’s end. Recall the details. Take a few hours at week’s end. Take a half day at end of month. Take a weekend at end of year. Establish the details in your memory bank. Remember thoughts, ideas, experiences, occasions.
4) The ability to ACT

The time to act is when the idea is hot and the emotion is strong.
Do it before the feeling passes. Otherwise, the Law of Diminishing Intent takes effect.
Every new discipline you develop affects the rest of your disciplines.
Do what you can, and do the best you can.
Make rest a necessity, not an objective.
The objective of life is not to rest; the objective of life is to act!
do it when idea is hot and emotion is strong. Intent diminishes with time. Discipline is key – do the small things daily. Don’t neglect one area of your life or it will bleed into other areas of your life. Neglect “will grow like a disease.” “Affirmation without discipline is the road to delusion.” Is your best all you can do? No. Rest a bit and do more. But not too long or the “weeds take the garden.”

5) The ability to SHARE

If something affects you, pass it along to someone else.
If you share something with 10 people, they each get to hear it once, but you get to hear it 10 times, so who gets the most?
If you’re full of good ideas, pour them out and make room for more to get poured back in. Sharing makes you bigger than you are.
People do not lack capacity; they only lack teachers.
Be a teacher for the many. SHARE! It’s a glorious experience!
Pass along good ideas to others. Helps them and makes you bigger. Humans have capacity to grow. Sharing with others deepens your understanding and help you grow too.


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